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Paille re-signs: Two more years of missing breakaways and solid PK

July 1, 2010

Daniel Paille re-signed with the Boston Bruins today. A two year, $2.15M deal.

People are already getting uppity about this signing. Saying he’s overpaid and the Bs should’ve let him walk.

We get it. He can’t score.

He scored one goal between February 11th and the end of the season.

We’ve made plenty of digs on Paille about the same thing. Like how he can’t score on a breakaway if his life depended on it. Apparently we were wrong. There’s actual video evidence of Paille scoring on a breakaway.

Practice counts, right?

In somewhat seriousness, the guy’s solid on the PK and he’s going to be making less than he did last year. PC could’ve done a lot worse. He’ll be fourth line and PK specialist so we probably won’t see him on too many breakaway attempts. And if he does, he should dish it to Shawn “Wayne” Thornton.


Free Agency Day!

July 1, 2010

Free Agency Day begins. Also amused that it falls on Canada Day. Not surprised. Just amused.

Half the Days of Y’Orr staff took the day off from work for this.

Bruins aren’t expected to be very active in the free agency market this year. Cap is tight. That’s why there’s been “Trade Thomas” and “Trade Savard” rumors running around galore. If anything, the Bruins might make a trade or two to improve the roster. That might not happen until more free agents go off the market.

We’d love to see Ference, Ryder and Sturm shipped off, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Our friends over at The Pensblog are hosting a live chat in celebrating of this happy occasion. We’ll be participating during the day. There’ll be representatives from different NHL team blogs. Join in the fun.

Keep checking back here for our takes on any moves, non-moves, trades, etc. the Bruins make. We won’t break the news. We’ll just ridicule it into a pool of sorrow.

Happy Free Agency Day!

Elevator Buddies

June 30, 2010

After the Bruins epic collapse, Recchi was more than willing to air his frustrations with the lack of heart and work ethic from some players on the team. He didn’t call anyone out by name, but it was clear to anyone following the Bruins last season who was dogging it and who wanted to earn their keep. We’re sure he had choice words behind doors for those moochers. And after re-signing with the Bs, he joked that he thought about hanging up his skates after his first round of off-season workouts.

We wouldn’t have blamed him. He’s got nothing to prove to anyone at this point in his career.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone currently wearing a Boston Bruins uniform or playing in the NHL that works harder or is more driven than Old Man Recchi. The guy’s 42 years old. We were still crapping our diapers when he played his first NHL game. He’s played almost 1600 games in his career and has scored nearly 1500 points. He’s won two Stanley Cup titles. He has a street named after him. He’s done it all and has nothing to prove.

But he’s a man who plays with pride and heart. He cares about winning and about his team. He doesn’t want his career to end in epic failure.

“I think there was some unfinished business. I’ve never been so disappointed to end the way we did.” –Mark Recchi, (

So, he kept close tabs with Chiarelli and watched the moves PC was making during the early part of the off season. Younger and faster. That’s how Recchi described the route Chiarelli is taking the Bruins — a tad ironic since Rex, at 42, is the oldest active player in the league and isn’t a speed demon on skates. He’s no longer the 100 point player he was when he donned a Penguins & Flyers jersey during the early-90s. Yet on any given night you’ll find him out hustling, out working and out playing guys half his age. He’s driven by the hunger to succeed and a strong work ethic, and that’s why we, and Bruins fans nation-wide, love Rex.

And it’s why PC brought him back into the fold. To have him pass along that grit, work ethic and know-how from 20+ years of experience to the Bruins youngsters — specifically, Nathan Horton, Blake Wheeler, Milan Lucic and, of course, Tyler Seguin.

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Welcome Horton & Seguin; Paille down but not out

June 30, 2010

Yesterday the Bruins unveiled their newest members publicly — Nathan Horton and Tyler Seguin. Chiarelli said that he’s been trying to land Horton for the past two years. Wow. Who knew all it took was getting rid of a hated and mentally fragile defenseman and a few draft picks to get the deal done. Anyone who follows us on Twitter knows we were pretty harsh about the trade when it initially happened, but the more we read and hear about Horton, the more stoked we are about the deal and what ‘can be’ come October.

And Horton didn’t shy away from giving the Panther’s franchise a bit of a dig.

“It’s a dream come true to come to such a successful, stable, and historic organization.” –Horton

We love that type of sass. We want the Bruins to have guys with personality and the will to win. Horton seems to have both.

Of course, he might just be bitter from having to do some lame “tobacco free” commercials in Florida.

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Pressure by Number: Tyler Seguin

June 29, 2010

Today the Boston Bruins officially introduced Nathan Horton and Tyler Seguin. Apparently Horton will wear #18, the number he wore in juniors. Tyler Seguin will wear #19, last worn by scorn inducing Joe Thornton.

Seguin wore #9 in the OHL, but that number is currently retired. The name Bucyk may ring a bell. Long live the Chief!

He's probably still better than Ryder.

Fans, media and bloggers across the interwebs immediately sprung into debates, talking about how Seguin had so much more pressure on him because he is now wearing #19.

Umm…. what? Pressure of being a second overall pick? We get that. Pressure of being called a potential franchise player in a Cup hungry town? Definitely get that. But pressure simply because of the number he wears? That is the most asinine logic we’ve heard since Peter Chiarelli tried to rationalize the Ference contract.

After the jump, Patrice Purr-geron tries to find logic in this stupid argument.

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The Marc Savard Saga

June 28, 2010

Draft weekend has come and gone. Most Bruins fans are busy ushering in the Tyler Seguin era, anointing him the savior of the Boston Bruins. Let the kid get acclimated first, eh? But it is an exciting time in Bruins land.

But not all is well for the black and gold. Marc Savard rumors are swirling everywhere. It seems like every day we see a headline that says “Savard on verge of being dealt” and then he’s still with us.

Let us preface this conversation by saying we want Savard to stay. Getting rid of a perennial 80-90 point scorer on a team that struggled to score last season seems pointless (no pun intended).

Towards the end of 2009, Marc Savard signed a new 7 year deal with the Bruins for an annual cap hit of $4 million. The contract was front loaded of course giving Savard the money he wanted overall and keeping the cap hit minimal for the Bruins. Seemed like one of those rare “win-win” situations for both the player and the team.

So what went wrong? Why all the trade rumors? Nothing is imminent (or so we’re told) but we know that Savard has given the Bruins a list of teams he would approve a trade to.

After the jump, we explore the Marc Savard saga….

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Sobotka off to St. Louis

June 26, 2010

See ya Sobotka

The mystery of why the Bruins kept passing on defenders in the draft is solved. Or at least we think so.

Apparently Vladimir Sobotka was traded to the St. Louis Blues for BU defensive prospect David Warsofsky. We say apparently because Chiarelli mentioned it kind of as a side note in an interview. Oh by the way we traded Sobotka….

“Vladi, on the wing, with his size, it’s not that he has difficulty. He has trouble adjusting. … He’s happy that we’re giving him a chance somewhere else,” said general manager Peter Chiarelli.

Bruins certainly had a log jam at center and suspect they might not be done. We like Sobotka, but he’s not a guy who’s not replaceable and he wasn’t going to get any playing time here. So good luck in St. Louis buddy.

We’ll have a review of all the Bruins draft/trade moves this coming week. Chiarelli seems to still be working the phones so it could get busy in here!