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Catching up with the Bruins

July 14, 2010

News has been slow for the Bruins. Thomas and Savard are still Bruins. Development camp has come and gone. The biggest news for the Bruins has actually been the rumor that the team might waive Savard if he doesn’t waive his NTC.

It makes no sense, but then again, nothing about this “Bruins are trading Savard” scenario has made much sense from the get-go. It’s a lot of speculation and poppycock.

That’s right, we said it. Poppycock. What of it?

Captain Planet Ference goes to the Gulf
Boston Bruins resident super hero Andrew Ference (and some other athletes) visited the BP Oil Spill the other day. The goal was to look at the damage first hand and talk to the locals.

We’ve been known to be hard on Ference, but we’re also anti-BP, “Big Oil” and “Drill-baby-Drill” over at the DOY HQ. We were torn between mocking Ference — we had a “He can’t plug the Bruins defense, he might as well plug the oil spill” joke — and actually supporting this initiative. We figure we’d side with Ference against a common enemy this time.

That’s right, we’re not going to take the insensitive assholes route this time. Stranger things have happened.

We used the word “poppycock” didn’t we?

We just hope this is more than another athlete talking the talk. Ference just signed a (overpaid) new deal this spring. He can pony up a little cash to help.


Wheeler weds; off to arbitration
Bruins still have yet to sign Campbell and Wheeler who was in Hawaii celebrating his wedding this past weekend. This according to Kevin Paul Dupont, so take it for what it’s worth. He also decide that the Bruins would play Savard against the Sabres because he saw Savard on the ice. We had fun mocking him for such lazy reporting. But I we digress…

Wheels got married. Rumor has it that Wheeler kept trying to kiss the bride before the priest told him to.

That’s our attempt at a “Wheeler is offsides” joke. It’s funny. Laugh dammit.

Anyways, he’s slated to go to arbitration in a couple of weeks. Matt Kalman has an interesting post, comparing Wheeler’s salary situation with other players similar in stats, etc. — $1.55 – $1.9M range is what Matt came up with. We wish we could file for arbitration and make that amount.

————————————————–Captain Planet Ference goes to the Gulf
Boston Bruins resident super hero Andrew Ference visited the BP Oil Spill
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