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Quiet day at the office for Chiarelli, Bruins

July 2, 2010

Chiarelli’s big move of Free Agency Opening Day was re-signing Paille to a two-year deal. To really show how excited we were about this signing, we went over to Patrice Purr-geron’s Mom’s house who said she was throwing a wild party in celebration of the re-signing.

Not bad for a cat with no opposable thumbs

DOY favoite, Joe Haggerty had this tweet:

Excited… or surprised?

Chiarelli also brought back locker room favorite, Jeremy Reich. Reich must’ve listened to some Bon Jovi before signing.

Reich’s contract is two-way so he’ll probably spend most of his time in Rhode Island unless someone like Thornton and/or Campbell go down. But if he suits up in Boston, we’ll get to see more of this.

PC said trade talks weren’t really happening yesterday. He’ll try working that market again once more FAs get taken off the market.

The Bs still have Stuart, Campbell (from Florida), Wheeler and McQuaid to re-sign. They were all handed qualifying offers a couple weeks back. writer, Fluto, had an interesting ‘graph:

“The Bruins now have $55 million committed to their 2010-11 payroll. They must re-sign restricted free agents Campbell, Wheeler, Mark Stuart, and Adam McQuaid. Chiarelli said that while space would be tight, he believes he can get all of the RFAs back in the fold. For that to take place, Ryder would most likely be assigned to Providence, much like Peter Schaefer was two years ago, to wipe his $4 million from the books.”

We’re pro-sending Ryder to Providence. He admitted he dogged it during the regular season. Fans pay too much money per game to have someone like that on the squad. We think Ryder has talent to be a solid player, but if he’s not going to try, send him to the AHL. Maybe that’ll get his ass in gear.

In other news, Danny Sabourin signed with the Capitals.


Somewhere though, there are retarded Capitals fans rejoicing that the Penguins don’t have Sabu and they do. Seriously. They did this when the Caps took Chris flippin’ Bourque from then Pens.

Also, the Flyers signed Jody Shelley, because the real reason they lost to the Blackhawks was because a lack of goonery on the roster.

To be fair, he was fighting Colton Orr. Orr, who when fighting, looks like he’s trying to take a dump.

So a boring day for Bruins fans, free agent wise (which was expected). We’re interested in seeing what PC can do with trades and re-signing his qualifying offer players.

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