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Paille re-signs: Two more years of missing breakaways and solid PK

July 1, 2010

Daniel Paille re-signed with the Boston Bruins today. A two year, $2.15M deal.

People are already getting uppity about this signing. Saying he’s overpaid and the Bs should’ve let him walk.

We get it. He can’t score.

He scored one goal between February 11th and the end of the season.

We’ve made plenty of digs on Paille about the same thing. Like how he can’t score on a breakaway if his life depended on it. Apparently we were wrong. There’s actual video evidence of Paille scoring on a breakaway.

Practice counts, right?

In somewhat seriousness, the guy’s solid on the PK and he’s going to be making less than he did last year. PC could’ve done a lot worse. He’ll be fourth line and PK specialist so we probably won’t see him on too many breakaway attempts. And if he does, he should dish it to Shawn “Wayne” Thornton.

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  1. Duncan permalink
    July 2, 2010 2:37 am

    Seriously, Paille is a good keep. I was really worried when Yelle and Axelsssssonnnnn left last offseason, and I thought our PK was going to be cooked. But he’s damn solid on PK, which is been the backbone of the since PC and CJ came to town. And even though his hands seem to be prosthetic, he’s possibly the fastest Bruin

    On the other hand, there’s that part of me that hates him. Every time he gets the puck in the offensive zone, I grit my teeth and curse. I really think that if that dude spent a summer with nothing but an empty net and a bucket of pucks, he’d be a totally different player. People wishing away people like Shawn “Wayne” “Scott” Thornton and Paille are incorrect.

  2. July 2, 2010 8:19 am

    Definitely. Not everyone on the team has to be a scorer to be successful — especially when we’re talking fourth line. You need those role players as well. Thornton and Paille won’t light the lamp, but they have their usefulness.

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