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Welcome Horton & Seguin; Paille down but not out

June 30, 2010

Yesterday the Bruins unveiled their newest members publicly — Nathan Horton and Tyler Seguin. Chiarelli said that he’s been trying to land Horton for the past two years. Wow. Who knew all it took was getting rid of a hated and mentally fragile defenseman and a few draft picks to get the deal done. Anyone who follows us on Twitter knows we were pretty harsh about the trade when it initially happened, but the more we read and hear about Horton, the more stoked we are about the deal and what ‘can be’ come October.

And Horton didn’t shy away from giving the Panther’s franchise a bit of a dig.

“It’s a dream come true to come to such a successful, stable, and historic organization.” –Horton

We love that type of sass. We want the Bruins to have guys with personality and the will to win. Horton seems to have both.

Of course, he might just be bitter from having to do some lame “tobacco free” commercials in Florida.

Horton and Seguin were also out at Fenway last night, throwing out the opening pitch. Somewhere Johnny Boychuk is plotting his revenge on the Red Sox for ignoring his request to throw out the opening pitch. Or maybe the Sox brass are just worried they’d lose yet another player to injury. Either way they’ve angered The Boychuk. Pussies.

Also, have people forgotten about Campbell?

No qualifying offers for Daniel “I can’t score on a breakaway” Paille and Regan
The Bruins recently also qualified all of their free agents besides Kevin Regan and Daniel Paille. Lots of people think this automatically means the Bruins don’t want to or aren’t going to bring Paille back for the ’10-’11 season. Not the case. Just means they don’t want to pay Paille another $1.35 million to screw up more breakaway attempts. They can still sign him for less.

Safe to say he didn't score on this play.

We did find video of his last breakaway tally though.

Too bad it happened virtually.

NOT-SO BREAKING NEWS: Chris Gasper still sucks at covering hockey
Chris Gasper of — you know, that guy that only talks hockey when he has nothing else to write about — wrote a column yesterday on why the Bruins should trade Savard. Per usual, he doesn’t add anything to the conversation of the situation, but repeats what other “experts” have already said and theorized, and throws fuel on an already tired and confusing storyline. It’s the most bland and cookie cutter story I’ve read. It’s OK though ’cause he threw in fun hockey-esque phrases like “This has the distinct feel of a Neely power play with an assist from Harry Sinden…” and bad puns (we know that isn’t right) like “If they follow through and run No. 91 out of town they better make sure they make a savvy swap of Savvy.” Lame.

He’s also nervous that Seguin picked Joe Thornton’s number. Why? Because he’s a tool.

We should be excited he spelled Seguin and Thornton correctly

Stick to the Patriots and Celtics, Chris. Superstitions are for athletes, not journalists. Go jump off the Tobin.

Speaking of telling people who think Seguin has added pressure because of his jersey number… or “Too soon?”
So if you read Patrice Purr-geron’s latest report “Pressure by Number: Tyler Seguin” you’d notice we had a strong message to people like Gasper.

“But if you are one of those people still arguing the pressure angle strictly based on the #19 and Seguin’s need to surpass Thornton, we hear they’re giving out a million dollars for everyone who jumps off the Tobin…….” –Us

Well, about an hour later we see this:

Woops. Our bad. You really won’t get a million dollars. You will probably get a hefty bill from the City of Boston for your shenanigans and use of Boston Police and Fire Department time. Soooo don’t do it. K?

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