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Bruins Get Tyler. Thanks Toronto.

June 26, 2010

Welcome to Boston Tyler!

Well first round of the 2010 NHL draft is over. Thomas is still a Bruin. Savard is still a Bruin. Rumors continue to float.

But the most exciting part is new Bruin Tyler Seguin. As expected, the Edmonton Oilers took Taylor Hall first overall, leaving the Bruins with Seguin as perhaps the best “consolation” prize they’ve ever had.

Bruins fans became enamored with Hall prior to the draft and the months leading up to it, especially when all the highlights of his hard nosed play from the Memorial Cup were circulating. Hall had the “Bruins attitude” that fans long far, a fearless player who will constantly crash the net.

Then Hall dropped Orr’s name. A sure fire way to win a Boston fan’s heart. Not only is Hall represented by Orr, but Hall wears #4 in honor of Orr. So Bruins fans predictably attached themselves to the young scorer even more.

Hall also had more experience than Seguin. He had been in the OHL a year longer. Seguin scored 48 goals this past season to Hall’s 40, however. We imagine come prospect camp, and pre-season, Bruins fans will become enamored with Tyler Seguin.

“One, he has to make the team. I expect that he will make the team, but you never know,” said Peter Chiarelli. “He has to make the team. That’ll be a decision in the fall. But if you remember some of the fellas in the past, his body type, a guy like [Tampa Bay’s Steven] Stamkos, it took him a while to get used to it. It took him a while to get his confidence and his strength.”

Scouts say there is little difference between the two prospects. Taylor may be the more dynamic scorer, a net crasher. But Seguin is said to have off the charts hockey instincts and vision. He has that drive to be better. We are confident that, in time, Seguin will be that superstar player Boston lacks at the moment.

Seguin is young. A raw talent. Those expecting him to be the savior of the Bruins, to give them a Cup, right out of the gate may be disappointed. Or he could come out and scored 30 goals and 80 points. We won’t know for awhile.

But he has all the tools. He’s open to playing wing. The Bruins haven’t had a prospect of this caliber in years. Here at Days of Y’Orr, we couldn’t be happier.

So welcome to Boston Tyler Seguin. We look forward to watching you play, grow and ultimately succeed in a Bruins jersey. Is it hockey season yet?

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