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New Champs Crowned… Now It’s Business Time

June 10, 2010

Bruins turn next please?

Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks on their Stanley Cup win, ending a 49 year drought. It was a much deserved win, despite the unspectacular ending. Only Patrick Kane knew he had just won the Cup for Chicago.

Call us bitter if you want, but we were glad the Flyers didn’t grab the greatest trophy in all of sports. Not because they made history of the Bruins. Quite frankly, the Bruins didn’t deserve to win. In fact, we give credit to the Flyers for not quitting after going down 3-0.

We’ve always hated the Flyers at Days of Y’Orr. We hate players like Scott Hartnell and Daniel Carcillo. Players who dive and flop when they barely get touched. Players who will take cheap shots and hit from behind and then run. But once the ref is in-between them and the player they’ve wronged, all of a sudden they act like tough guys. Sickening.

We’re also found of the Blackhawks around here. We have extra affection for Original Six teams, but especially the Blackhawks.

We understand Chicago fans’ pain (prior to last night of course). Chicago had an owner that didn’t care about winning, an owner that destroyed a once great franchise. Before the Blackhawks were once again Chicago’s pride, they were a franchise that couldn’t fill up half the building.

Can you blame the fans? The owner didn’t even attempt to put a good product on the ice. They protested in the best way they knew how. But their stingy owner passed on, and his son Rocky Wirtz took over. And he cared. And he wanted to make the Blackhawks respectable again.

Bruins need to be more like the Blackhawks

We have the Jacobs family here in Boston. They have done nothing to change their image of money grubbing owners who would rather sell a few more hot dogs than win a Stanley Cup. All we can do now is look to Chicago and hope. Hope maybe something happens here in Boston that changes the way ownership thinks.

Or hope the Bruins talent scouts and GM get a lil better and put together a team that not only wants to win, but can win.

Now we deal with the pain of another hockey season being over. It will be a long 4 months to October. Friends and family will tell us to follow the Red Sox. We’ll write them out of our wills. They won’t care because all we have is signed Cam Neely pucks.

But, we have a lot to look forward to here in Boston. After the jump, we put hockey’s grand finally behind us and look to the offseason….

We’re mostly over the Bruins epic collapse. We’ve watched a lot of good hockey in the days since to distract us. We were happy that Thornton is coming back. Happy Seidenberg is coming back.

But the silver lining to this season, to the Bruins making history in the worst way possible, is that the Bruins are in a position that most others would envy.

Getting a second overall pick generally happens when your team is awful. Like not Games 4-7 awful, but awful for an entire season. This pick generally goes to one of those teams that didn’t even sniff the playoffs, and likely won’t for a few years.

But the Bruins got to the second round AND have the second overall pick. We’re not going to sit here and debate Tyler vs Taylor. Quite frankly, we haven’t seen enough of Tyler to give you an educated opinion. Or even a half assed opinion.

Bruins fans seem to be extremely pro-Taylor. Probably because he is represented by Bobby Orr’s agency and mentioned that Orr was his hockey hero. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but in this city just mentioned Orr’s name immediately scores you points with most of the fan base.

Score goals for the Bruins... please?

Many scouts are projecting Hall as the can’t miss prospect this year. Seguin had the same amount of points as Hall in the OHL, but Hall’s team had a longer playoff run and thus got more exposure.

We’re going to stop talking now because we’re starting to sound like Twilight fans with this Tyler vs Taylor stuff.

But scouts everywhere have tight pants over these two youngsters. And not the kind of tightness Chiarelli got when he saw Seguin shirtless.

Seguin can score. See that Ryder?

One, or both, of these guys could be a franchise player. A player that turns around the fortunes of the Boston Bruins. Or they could be Alex Daigle. We won’t know until they take the ice.

But Boston hasn’t had this kind of excitement since the days of Joe Thornton, the last time the Bruins had a top 2 pick. Our dear Bruins don’t have a player on their team right now that sells seats.

Think about it. A lot of teams across the league have one or two players that you just pay to see. Crosby in Pittsburgh. Ovechkin in Washington. Kovalchuk in Atlanta New Jersey KHL. Kane and Toews in Chicago.

Or even look at lower tier players that are just exciting to watch. Bobby Ryan in Anaheim. Vanek in Buffalo. Cammalleri in Montreal.

This is the Bruins chance for something like that. We’re not expecting to get a Crosby or an Ovechkin here. But Hall and Seguin have the potential to be that missing stud of a player the Bruins need.

The Bruins have some good players for sure. Krejci. Bergeron. Savard. Boychuk. Rask. Fans love Lucic’s bruising style. But the Bruins don’t have one of those guys that makes you sit on the edge of your seat every time he touches the puck. That’s not saying one of these guys isn’t going to develop into one of those players.  Krejci has shown flashes of brilliance.

Kessel was approaching that last season. He was always dangerous, with great speed and a hell of a shot. Then him and the Bruins broke that friends barrier, had sex and things got awkward and he went to Toronto. But if the projections on Seguin/Hall are even close to accurate, the Bruins are going to have a player that will put asses in the seats.

At an incredibly inflated Jacobs price.

Scrooge McJacobs

And hey, Bruins also have the 15th overall pick in what is expected to be a great draft. Good times (hopefully) ahead for the black and gold.

In the coming days, the Days of Y’Orr staff will be covering some of the exciting things the Bruins could have lined up. We’ll be looking at some interesting free agents, some trades we wouldn’t hate if the Bruins made and some more funny funny photoshops. So stick with us, we’ll be around all off season.

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