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People get their panties in a twist over Pronger in a skirt image

June 9, 2010

Here at the Days of Y’Orr HQ, we’re not one to point fingers and judge others — that is, unless, you’re a Habs fan, a Bruins Pink Hat, Gary Bettman, Danny Carcillo, that stupidlittleboywhodoestheMiracleonIcespeech, BP Oil, Pierre McGuire, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc. You get the point. What we’re trying to say is that we, unlike a few noisy individuals, are not offended by the Chicago Tribune‘s image of Chris Pronger in a skirt. In fact, we approve of the measure.

Seriously. You know how manly you have to be to go to an NHL practice in a dress? That type of hazing bravery is usually saved for NHL rookies.

After the jump, we talk about skirt-wearing men and the women that hate them…

The poor Tribune is being publicly hanged by feminists/womanists/crazynutjobists for breaking the news that Pronger likes feeling sexy in his little black dress and enjoys letting the boys breathe once in a while. Hell, if we were a -5 against the BlackHawks in Game 5 we’d probably want to toss on a slinky little number to cheer our spirits, too! And these so-called “women’s rights activists” are even attacking Jane Hirt, a female managing editor at the Tribune for letting the story see press.

“I’d like to see that editor out on skates. I’ll take them one-on-one on the ice any day. They obviously have never seen women’s hockey and are living in the dark ages.”Angela Ruggiero

For those who don’t know — and let’s be honest, you don’t — Ruggiero was on NBC’s the Apprentice in 2007 where she was fired in Week 10. Rumor also has it she’s played women’s hockey before, which begs the question of what, exactly, Ruggiero would do to Tribune workers on the ice? Skate all over the ice and not throw a check? Please, we’ve seen that and it’s called Blake Wheeler.

At Days of Y’Orr, we approve of Pronger’s courage to defy social boundaries and wear a skirt to practice. Why can’t a man wear a skirt? Clearly — despite her words — Ruggiero isn’t all about the traditional social norms. We found pictures of her wearing *gasp* pants!


Hypocrisy, thy name is Angela Ruggiero!

Men have been wearing skirts for years and we hope so for years to come! Here are some famous kilt skirt-wearing men.

William Wallace. This guy was a nutcase. You really wouldn't want to mess with him? He wore a skirt.

Ken Wu. Figure skater turned Mighty Duck. Total skirt wearer.

Alan Cumming. Women drool over this guy. Suck it, feminist-swine. And no way that's a kilt. We're pretty sure Lindsay Lohan has worn that getup.

Sean Connery. You tell James Bond he can't wear a skirt. See what happens.

So, as you can see, plenty of men wear skirts. We support our skirt-wearing compatriots and the men and women who write stories about them. If women don’t want to see men in skirts, then we don’t want to see women in pants!

Then again, maybe Ruggiero and the rest of her feminist-party friends are just jealous that Pronger’s legs and slender thighs look better in a miniskirt than they do.

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