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Seidenberg Returns! And More Links

June 7, 2010

Welcome back Mr. Seidenberg

We know. We’re late on this. Very late. But we’re still excited.

GM Peter Mrs. Seguin Chiarelli signed Dennis Seidenberg to a 4-year, $13 million extension.

Seidenberg wasn’t with the Bruins long, but in his short tenure we were impressed. He was a shot blocking machine, leading the league with 215. This kind of stuff would’ve been great against Philly when Tuukka and the D tired.

Imagine him and Boychuk together. Rask could hang out in a lounge chair with a margarita while Boychuk and Seidenberg just blocked everything.

Seidenberg also dished out 166 hits before his season ended pre-maturely, which ain’t too shabby in our book. But we don’t even have a book. Still great though.

We also liked that he always seemed to be able to get the puck on net during the powerplay to produce rebounds. Just a shame no one was ever at the front of the net.

But we liked Seidenberg’s play from the moment he got here and even if his offensive stats take a bit of a tumble (he had a career high 32 points) we loved his defensive play so if he keeps that up, Boston is golden. If Chiarelli can fit Stuart and Boychuk under the cap now, a defensive core that includes Stuart, Boychuk, Seidenberg and Chara would probably be one of the better cores in the league.

So welcome back Dennis! Don’t pull a Wideman and regress for a season. We’ll see you in October! Hope that arm is feeling better.

Some Bruins links from around the interwebs:

Bruins signed 2006 second round pick Yuri Alexandrov.’s Fluto Shinzawa argues that the Bruins should retain Wideman.

Kevin Paul Dupont creepily covers how awesome a Bruins top-2 pick is/could be.

Fluto also jumps in on the Taylor/Tyler debate. Starting to sound like some Twilight fan girl shit, eh?

3rd Annual Boston Bruins Ice and Dice Casino Night.

Fluto with the article hat trick, discussing the dire situation on the Bruins wing.

And finally, the immortal Shawn Thornton with the lastest edition of his Vlog.

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