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Classiest fighter in the NHL, Shawn Thornton, gets two-year deal

June 4, 2010

Just before bed last night we got the good news.

Bruins re-signed Mr. Shawn “Wayne” Thornton to a two-year deal. This according to NESN’s Kathryn Tappen. Nothing official has come out from the Bruins yet but that’s expected to be done today.

What we love most of this pic is Kessel watching in awe in the corner. Take notes.

We were stoked. We could barely contain our excitement and fall asleep last night. We were like kids on Christmas Eve or your mom when Justin Bieber appears on the screen — practically touching ourselves in excitement.

We were surprised though to find out that there’s been suppressed dislike for the Boston Bruins bruiser. Apparently, an $800K cap hit on a guy who actually gives a shit is too much these days.

Mr.T has a message for ya:

Thornton was one of the few Bruins players to actually showed some grit and effort every time he was on the ice this year, every shift. Only Recchi and Bergeron can really be put in that same category this year.

We already hear the arguments against the signing raining down — “Wayne” Thornton only scores 10 points a year. Newsflash: That isn’t his role. That’s the job of the likes of Blake Wheeler and Michael Ryder. Save your torches and pitchforks for those assclowns, especially when Chiarelli overpays for Wheelers “potential” and can’t dump Ryder in the Garden’s trashbins this summer. Thornton’s there to hit and grind. He excels at it. In fact, the fourth line was the best looking line for most of the year. Also, who else is going to read to the Bear.

We hear Goldie Locks is his fav story

Now, a lot of people want Boston to re-sign Seidenberg. We get it. We do, too. If the Bs don’t have enough cash in the vault to get it done it won’t be because the Bs re-signed Thornton. It’ll be because they re-signed this waste of of a roster space:

Nice tats... didn't know you were in the Russian mob.

Rumor has it that Thornton’s cap hit will be $812,000/year. That’s less than what Begin made last year and who’s worth it more? You’ll be cheering when someone takes the first headshot at Hall/Seguin and Thornton hits the ice for a little chat.

The re-signing also means we can enjoy Things Shawn Thornton Said and Thornton Thursdays for another two-years. Hopefully more Thort Vlog. Win all around.


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