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Peter Chiarelli REALLY likes Seguin… Really.

June 3, 2010

Chiarelli likes Seguin as more than just a friend...

Do you like me? Yes? No? Maybe? Please check one.

A note that Chiarelli most likely passed to prospect Tyler Seguin at the NHL Scouting Combine recently.

The debate between who will be a better player, Tyler or Taylor, rages on. But did Chiarelli already make his decision between the two based on something other than their play on the ice?

After the jump, we explore a first hand report we received from the combine……..

Apparently, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli came away incredibly impressed with Seguin at the combine. Not so much his playing or workout… but his young supple body?

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe, who just may be hot and bothered over Seguin’s “chiseled physique” himself, had the following quote from Chiarelli in an article on today:

“Did you see him with his shirt off?’’ said an impressed Chiarelli, Seguin among the most chiseled teenagers, his biceps and triceps particularly developed. “It’s pretty impressive . . . the muscle development and the girth, the mass.’’

Why do birds suddenly appear... every time... you are near?

That quote is mildy extremely disturbing. From both Kevin and Peter. Especially when Kevin threw in the teenager part. Gotta say, we didn’t see this one coming.

Seguin is technically of age in the state of Massachusetts, so I guess if he is drafted by the Bruins and is suckered into a late night visit to Chiarelli’s office, no statutory charges can be filed.

Hall apparently didn’t take his shirt off, so Peter was left lusting after just Tyler’s rippling pecs and abs.

This ruined our entire day. All we can picture in our heads now is Chiarelli gently lowering Seguin onto a bed and tenderly kissing Seguin’s chest as “Take My Breath Away” blares in the background. And old guys are gross.

Taaaaaaaake my breath awaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Chiarelli is going to have any pre-draft dinner’s with Seguin in Canada so he can legally order a bottle of wine and share it with the youngster. Hall and Seguin are probably terrified right now. I mean, even if one or both of them is gay, they can most likely do better than Chiarelli!

We heard reports that Chiarelli immediately jumped on the phone with Edmonton GM Steve Tambellini after the boat ride with Tyler and offered the Bruins 2nd pick, Rask, Krejci and Terry O’Reilly’s retired number banner in exchange for the #1 pick just so he was guaranteed to get Seguin.

He was quickly tackled by Shawn Thornton before this got too far, and Cam Neely has been stationed in Chiarelli’s office and was ordered to follow him around just to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Kick his ass Seabass!

Poor Neely....

We just thought Chiarelli came off a little creepy with that quote. Couldn’t you just say he’s in good shape, or that it seems like he has a great workout regimen? Did you have to drool over his bi’s and tri’s and wonder what it would be like to be held in those arms? So safe. So secure.

Maybe if Seguin was a little older it wouldn’t be so bad, but right now we’re ready to send Peter packing for Quahog.

Seguin has nice, musclely throwing arms.

To be honest though, we’re happy for Chiarelli. It takes a brave man, especially in sports, to come out of the closet and be open with his feelings. We here at Days of Y’Orr support him every step of the way and would be happy to attend the wedding.

Days of Y’Orr beat man Justin’s band, Ice Cream Social, wrote what could be a perfect wedding song for Peter and Tyler. Bromance.

We love a good party. Our email is at the top Peter! Make sure to send us some invites!

7 Comments leave one →
  1. Joe M. permalink
    June 3, 2010 1:46 pm

    I don’t care if they move in together and hang out in studded leather, as long as PC dosen’t F*%K up this draft!

    • Joe M. permalink
      June 3, 2010 1:51 pm

      Sorry, *doesn’t.

      • June 3, 2010 2:06 pm

        That is a concern of ours as well, ha. We’re convinced he’s going to throw a curve and select Fowler at #2.

  2. Joe M. permalink
    June 3, 2010 2:13 pm

    I think I just got a brain aneurysm thinking of that possibility.

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