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Beating a dead horse, or “It’s called Paul Nardizzi”

May 21, 2010

Everyone has their opinion of what happened in Game 7 and, for that matter, the entire Bruins-Flyers series. Words have been spoken, names called. Some people got through the pain with copious amounts of booze. Others are still in denial. And some try through humor.

And then some try humor and fail epically — like Boston local and comedian Paul Nardizzi.

Has anyone ever seen his show?

This morning he had a blog post up on Juiced Sports Blog entitled “Idiot Sava(rd)nt.” We were all for giving props for a fairly clever headline until we read further. Apparently, like many other pinkhats, he’s blaming Savard for the Bruins blowing the series against the Flyers. Clearly he didn’t see Game 1 when Savard was a hero nor saw Games 4 through 6 when the Bs had chances to close out the series.

We then read even further and notice that Paul didn’t even watch the game.

Savard had recently returned from a head injury, so he was not exactly the guy you wanted standing near the easy latch bench door when the game was on the line. Personally I would have strapped him to the bars of a steel cage every time he came off for a line change, and for backup I would have been clutching a tranquilizer gun just in case the meandering moron somehow escaped. –Paul Nardizzi, the other “Idiot”

And then…

He was asked after game 7 just what the F he was doing out there when his line mates all knew it was not time to go out there. –Paul Nardizzi

Ummm…. sorry to break it to you, Paul, but Savard was already on the ice when the “too many men” call came down. He was the guy signaling to come off the ice and it was Sobotka (not Savard) who jumped the boards and onto the ice. If you’re going to try to be funny and pin the blame on Savard, you can at least get your facts straight. Read a few news stories or, I don’t know, watch the game next time. You can stop pretending to be a fan or the least bit knowledgeable.

Listen. We get that he’s a comedian who hasn’t done anything of note since 2000. We get it’s supposed to be a humorous column on how Savard screwed up. Here’s the thing. He’s a week late on an already tired story and doesn’t even know who was on the ice and who wasn’t when the “too many men” call went down. Guess he also didn’t know that the Bruins had three other chances to win the series and failed almost as bad as his column.

Also, he goes into some random rant about hot dog eating contest. Seriously.


Not sure what that has to do with Savard, Bruins or hockey.

Oh yea, nothing.

Stay classy, Nardizzi. Here’s your Pink Hat “Fan” Membership.

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