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Links today. Sad Boychuk.

May 20, 2010

We'd give him a hug, but he might break us.

The Days of Y’Orr staff thought today was Friday. So we took the day off. Turns out its Thursday. We have meetings with Patrice Purr-geron all day about some stories he’s working on and we’ve been talking to some of the Bruins about stuff they don’t travel without. We’ll have plenty of good stuff for you in the days ahead. But for now, enjoy some Bruins links from around the interwebs.

James Murphy of NESN discusses how Savard never really found his game in a season destroyed by injuries.

“I wanted to [play] every night, and I just didn’t feel it in my legs, for whatever reason,” Savard said. “But mentally, I wanted to do it. When I started the year, obviously I had a broken foot for the first while, and when I came back, I felt healthy. And then I hurt my knee, and the knee was not great for a long time. Then, obviously when I got the seven weeks off [after the concussion], that healed everything, but it was a tough year all around.”

Big Z will see a hand specialist about his busted pinky that prevented him from busting faces and let goons run wild against the Bruins this year.

The Fourth Period discusses the Bruins possibly trading Thomas and his desire to stay.

“After the kind of drought that Boston’s had and the way this year’s playoffs ended up, it would be poetic justice if the Bruins could get over that hump and really accomplished the ultimate goal of winning a Cup,” Thomas told the Globe. “A certain part of me, for sure, would like to be here for that. It’s part of the whole thinking process that has to go into it. That’s nowhere near complete.”

Some dude discusses why he thinks the Bruins collapse gets the Yankees off the hook. But really, who cares about baseball. We don’t.

Fan Huddle discusses what they think the Bruins should do this off-season.

Something’s Bruin is always entertaining.

Stanley Cup of Chowder discusses the too many men on the ice karma issue.

There you have it. We’ll be back tomorrow with some new stuff of our own. Until then.

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