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Game 7 Preview: The Time For Scoring Is Now.

May 14, 2010

Look what we're stuck between

Get it?? Get it??

Not much left today that hasn’t been said, we’ve all seen the games, bitched about the refs, thrown various objects at our TVs at every missed goal… And worst of all, the next morning, we’ve all had someone ask us “tough loss last night huh?”.

Well no shit, we’ve had three of them this series.

We said after losing Game 4 that everyone knew this wouldn’t be an easy series, and we still hold to that.  A lot of people seem to have lost their faith in the B’s chances, but ask yourself this?: “would we feel this way facing a Game 7 had the games we won not been the first three?”  Probably not.  Keep positive and for all those attending the game tonight, make the Garden shake, and hope we’re not visited by the ghosts of game 7’s past.

“Forget about style; worry about results”. -Bobby Orr

You’re damn right Bobby, you’re damn right.  The Bruins are not a pretty team, if they play with enough grit and go for ugly goals, they can put Philly away early.

But of course, I wouldn’t be a Boston fan without some level of pessimism.  Wheeler, Stuart, Hunwick, Paille need to get their heads in this game.  Also…Wheeler is on the top line now?? Well thank you Julien, I hadn’t pounded my head against something in a while.

The Bruins have 1 goal in 132 minutes of game time.  The offense has been more anorexic than a high school cheerleader and the defense apparently is having a lovers spat with Rask because they offer no support…

But none of that matters now, this is Game 7 and there is NOTHING like Game 7 Hockey.  If nights like tonight don’t make you excited, then you may as well stop reading, toss on your Red Sox hat, and sing Sweet Caroline .

I’m looking for Recchi and Lucic to be tonight’s key players.

No second chances, no excuses, no mercy.

Bruins! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… 

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