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Game 5. Do it for Bobby.

May 10, 2010

40 years ago today, the Days of Y’Orr staff wasn’t even alive. We weren’t even sperm yet. Our parents had yet to drive to Make-Out Point without a condom and sweetly whisper “just one time won’t hurt!”

But that doesn’t mean we don’t know, or respect, this great franchise’s history. 40 years ago today Bobby Orr scored “The Goal.” The most famous photo in hockey… no, in sports history. The victory ended a 29 year drought and brought Boston the Stanley Cup.

What is often lost in this great moment is that the Bruins dominated the Blues. They swept them off the ice. Literally. Orr’s famous tally was the gun shot that put the Blues out of their misery. And on the anniversary of that famous goal and that wonderful Cup celebration, the Bruins meet the Flyers in a pivotal Game 5.

They can clinch a Conference Finals berth with a win. Do it for Bobby.

Out in front to Sanderson to OOOORR! BOBBY OOOORR! scores and the Boston Bruins have won the Stanley Cup!
—Dan Kelly calling Orr’s Stanley Cup winning goal

How we long to hear something similar. A win tonight brings the Bruins one step closer.

The Bruins are honoring the anniversary with the installation of a bronze Bobby Orr statue that will permanently be outside the Fleet Center TD Banknorth Garden TD Garden. You can’t lose tonight Bruins. Not on Bobby Orr statue day!!!

Closing out this series now is key. The Bruins need rest. The immortal Shawn Thornton admitted as much. They  need a few days away from the rink to heal their battered bodies. To clear their minds. To ponder what raising the Cup above their heads would feel like. To started a train on Scott Hartnell’s wife with Jeff Carter. Choo choo.

Pittsburgh has a chance to close out Montreal tonight. If Pittsburgh wins and the Bruins lose, the Penguins are resting while the Bruins play on. This would be a disaster. The Penguins are up 3-2 in a series where Sidney Crosby has yet to score a goal. That should tell you something.

Momentum is a powerful force in the game of hockey. Giving the Flyers a two game winning streak heading back home to Philly would be worse than being Sami Salo’s testicles today. Well, almost. The Bruins need to take a Mortal Kombat approach tonight.

Encouraging signs for the Bruins? They lost 5-4 in overtime in  a game that probably should not have even been that close. The Bruins didn’t play their best game. The defense was off. Rask was a little off. It was their first game without Krejci. They had a lot to deal with. And they still almost won.

Discouraging signs for the Bruins? Twice in these playoffs the Bruins have had a chance to eliminate an opponent and played some fairly bad hockey. Against Buffalo, they rebounded in Game 6 and put the nail in the coffin. Can the Bruins bounce back in a similar fashion in Game 5. Magic 8 ball?

Piss off. I’ll send Boychuk up there I swear it. Now Magic 8 ball, will the Bruins win tonight?

Thanks buddy, glad we’re still friends.

Other specials notes:

Only two teams have in NHL history have come back from being down 0-3: the 1942 Maple Leafs and the 1975 New York Islanders. The Maples can’t even win the draft lottery and we’re not even sure if the Islanders are still a team so fuck history. It ain’t happening.

Carcillo is day-to-day with a bruised vagina. We want him playing tonight though to see the pain on his face when the Flyers lose.

Lucic is showing he cares not for the regular season. It is a waste of time for him. He likes the playoffs. Five game point streak for Looch. He will be a force tonight. Guarantee it. But predicting he will be a force tonight is like predicting Lindy Ruff is going to cry himself to sleep after a game. So what. We wanted to say it anyway.

The Flyers are saying all the pressure is on the Bruins. Chris Pronger also said the series hadn’t started yet after the Flyeres went down 0-2. Idiots.

Bruins 4-2 win tonight. Mark it down.

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