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Game Day Game 4: Bruins go for the jugular

May 7, 2010

Bruins have a chance to send home Shit-Stache & Co. tonight. Can’t wait.

Neither can our bear friend.

Tonight we’ll see how the Bruins can do without Krejci (out for being like Adam Banks).

Krejci won't be sending Olaf Sanderson err... Mike Richards a card this Christmas.

There’s no word on his replacement. Seems like Trent Whitfield is the most likely candidate, but there’s also talk of Brad Marchand. Wouldn’t mind seeing what Marchand can do in the playoffs — get his feet wet and all — but Julien likes having five centers on the roster.

To those who think the Bruins should’ve retaliated for Richard’s hit on Krejci, you’re a bunch of morons. The hit was clean (I know, we’re surprised, too). If Bruins retaliate, they don’t score and the game stays at 1-1 instead of the B’s going up, 2-1. That’s a huge difference in a playoff game. Two goals in three minutes > 17 minutes in the hockey timeout.  At least his season-ending injury didn’t go in vain. He got an assist on Satan’s goal.

Also, for those calling for Thomas to start over Rask so 2Us-2Ks-2Points can get a break, we have something for you.

You're frickin' crazy.

If the Bruins win tonight they’ll have plenty of time to rest Rask. You never let the opposing team have a shot of getting back into the series. You slit their throat Chuck Marlarchuk style.

But we expect the pink hats and bandwagonners to not know that.

Bruins will also definitely be without Sturm (being like Tom Brady) and McQuaid (“lower body injury”). There’s still no official word if Mark Stuart will be replacing McQuaid. Stuart’s been working hard to get back into action but Julien doesn’t want to rush him. Last time we saw our dear hero, Stuart was wrecking bodies every chance he got and his presence is definitely an upgrade from McQuaid. But, like Savard, if he’s not ready there’s no need to force him into the situation, especially when the B’s are up 3-0. Still, it’s being reported that Stuart is likely to dress for the B’s.

While Mark Stuart has yet to be cleared medically, it is likely that he will receive the green light to play tonight, according to GM Peter Chiarelli. Stuart will probably skate on the third pairing. –Fluto Shinzawa,

Stuart’s also been working really hard on his playoff beard.

That’s a thing of beauty.

Winning tonight and getting into the Eastern Conference Finals obviously isn’t going to be easy, but the Bruins have their heads about them. Flyers will be chippy.  They’ll probably target Savard’s head again, and try to get Lucic and Thornton to fight at the wrong time. Guys know what’s at stake and what’s going to come from the Flyers locker room.

“I think they’re going to come out real hard. This is a team you have to be really careful with, because they can string together four wins easily, so we have to make sure that we come with our best.’’ — Dennis Wideman

Simon Gagne might be dressing for the Filth tonight. Desperate times call for desperate measures. He’s a game time decision.

Go Bruins.

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