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Savard bites back. Bruins win.

May 4, 2010

Tonight was more of the same for the Filthadelphia Flyers. Carcillo was cheap and accused opposing players of being cheap. Mike Richards whined. Flyers fans held up signs accusing Sidney Crosby of diving while their team tried out for their respective Olympic diving teams.

Scott Hartnell waited until the refs were between him and the Bruins before he decided to act tough. And the Flyers lost in the playoffs. The Bruins send that trash from Philly back home down 0-2 in the series.

Once again though, the game wasn’t pretty. There were bright spots to be sure, but these Bruins have some work to do….

The game started off well. Johnny Boychuk, The Destroyer of Worlds, schooled Brian Boucher off a face-off to give the Bruins the early lead.

Shortly after the Bruins apparently assumed the first goal of the game wins. They entered a time machine and pretended it was January all over again. Their play in the defensive zone can best be described in a picture.

Our dear Bruins decided defense was for suckers. They were absolutely atrocious and if not for the Flyers being even worse they would’ve been down 42-1 after the first.

Hey Santa, what do you and the Bruins defense have in common tonight?

Thanks Santa! I’ve seen better passing at the Perkins School for the Blind. Pierre McGuire’s boyfriend Mike Richards was allowed to stroll to the slot un-contested for an easy goal. Way to go Bruins. 1-1.

Days of Y'Orr reporter Robb found this incriminating photo.

Cute pic guys. Hope you have a long, healthy and happy marriage.

There was a bit of controversy, and irony, in the second period. After a whistle Daniel Carcillo decided it was a good idea to whack Savard in the head. Obviously Savard took exception and a scrum ensued.

During the chaos, Carcillo decided he wanted to see what was in Savard’s mouth and shoved his fingers in there. He then claimed Savard bit him.

Carcillo said after the game that he hasn’t been bitten since grade school. He called Savard “pretty cowardly.” ~ ESPN

Cowardly? So Carcillo… you hit people from behind, whack people in the face with your stick, dive whenever someone even breathes on you and refuse to fight anyone that is not smaller than you and Savard is the coward? Nice try you cheap bitch. You don’t even belong in the NHL.

Days of Y'Orr beat man Justin discovers Carcillo's side business.

After getting hit in the head and Carcillo taking cheap shots, Savard somehow ends up in the penalty box. The refs were absolutely atrocious. Petty to complain about this after a win, but seriously. Some of the worst officiating we’ve ever seen in a game.

Lucic was purposely tripped directly in front of a ref, but no call. But Sobotka gets a hand on Mike Richards’ stick and he goes to the box as Pierre McGuire goes into a jealous rage.

Hey Helen Keller, what do you and the refs have in common tonight?

Thanks Helen, we appreciate your help. New local hero and the anti-christ Miroslav Satan bailed out the Bruins again off a sweet shot from the slot. 2-1.

But the Bruins defense were doing their best to give the game away, as the wasteland that is Andrew Ference decided to let Briere stroll in and score. Really guys, great job tonight. If you guys keep playing like this, you might get promoted to the AHL.

We here at Days of Y’Orr are going to burn a rain forest every day until Andrew Ference turns into a competent NHL d-man.

Screw you Ference. I hate trees.

But Rask stood tall and late in the third Milan Lucic mercifully saved his Bruins teammates and notched the game winner. Daniel Paille decided hitting open nets was no longer cool, but the Bruins held out. See you in Philly Flyers trash. Bruins up 2-0. Suck it.

Lucic sent the Flyers packing. Then banged Hartnell's wife Jeff Carter style.

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  1. May 4, 2010 12:29 pm

    That’s some funny ass shit guys. Thanks for the laugh! 😀

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