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What’s the time? Game 2 time!

May 3, 2010

Saturday wasn’t pretty. You needed your beer goggles to make that third period look good. But the Bruins did it.

We were debating amongst ourselves here at Days Of Y’Orr in regards to Marc Savard. It was his first game back in nearly 2 months. Surely you couldn’t expect much from him, some of us said.

Savard obviously had other ideas. Even as that douche Pierre McGuire was talking about how Savard needed to step up more, completely neglecting that just a couple weeks ago Marc Savard’s eyes and the sun were locked in an epic duel, Savard was burying the game winner in OT. We don’t need to tell you how that felt. Just look at the pictures of Savard’s face. Talk about a boost to the bench.

Our theory is Savard heard our doubts and decided to prove us wrong. So you can thank Days of Y’Orr for that game winner. You’re welcome.

Big thanks to Chris Pronger for knocking Savard into next week early so all of our fears about how he would handle hits were out the window. But Savvy… quick request… please stop throwing checks and missing just to test yourself. It was terrifying.

Not sure how these two teams are going to follow that up. Our beloved Bruins blew multiple 2 goal leads in their best efforts to be the Ottawa Senators in a Game 6 but pulled out the victory.

But with every high, there is a (slight) low for the Bruins. Keeping with their theme this season Boston got Savard back, but lost another player. Sturmface is gone. Instead of using his speed to not score goals, he will be up in the press box not scoring goals after tearing his MCL and ACL. Ouch.

MikeGiardi (via Twitter)

#Bruins winger Marco Sturm says injury is exactly like Tom Brady’s.

In response, the NHL immediately instituted a rule, the Marco Sturm rule, banning the ice from being slippery enough where players hurt their knees. Sturm and Tom Brady reportedly were seen grabbing a beer and icing their knees afterwards.

Tuukk-Nukem looked human Saturday. That won’t happen two games in a row. Too much pride from that feisty Fin. He’ll control the Flyers blind folded tonight. Philly is relying on ‘lil Danny Briere as their go to guy. Enough said.

If you predicted Dennis Wideman and Miroslav Satan would be tied with the mighty Patrice Bergeron in playoff points in the second round, we owe you a cookie. But we’re not bakers so too bad for you.

Wideman had 3 assists last game. The Lord of the Underworld had another goal and an assist. Yes, that Dennis Wideman. Let’s not harp on his regular season. He has come through in the playoffs. If you’re still harking back to the regular season, go jump off the Tobin.

After not giving up a single power play goal to the Buffalo Slugs, the B’s gave up two to the friggin’ Flyers. That needs to tighten up. We remain unconcerned here. Game 1 is done. But if you ask Flyers fans, they already won the Cup. Years of inbreeding has left most of Philadelphia’s population unable to realize that getting more hits in a game doesn’t mean you won.

Blake Wheeler is still a wasteland. Is he even on the post season roster? Haven’t seen him. We’ll try to find him in Game 2 but no promises.

Milan Loo-cheech had a game high 6 hits and is finally using his physicality to create space and strike fear in the opposition. Daniel Carcillo still has no teeth and no talent.

We are confident that our beloved Bruins learned from their Game 1 mistakes. They relaxed when they went up 4-2 and it almost cost them. But almost only counts in horseshoes and AIDS. They’ll be tighter defensively, Rask will shake off those four goals like Ben Roethlisberger shakes off rape charges and the Bruins will go for an early death blow. We still think the Bruins will win in 3.

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