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Savard Makes his Marc felt — Scores Game Winner

May 1, 2010

Filthadelphia 4

Bruins 5 OT

This game shouldn’t have gone into OT to begin with, but it did. And it meant we got to see this.

Totally worth it.

What a game. What a great way for Savard to comeback. A real treat for fans.

To be honest when I got out there my eyes watered. It was such a nice ovation. I love playing here and want to stay [in Boston]. Fans treated me great… I felt as the game went on I got stronger. –Marc Savard

Listen Savard’s post game comments. He thanked Pronger for the hard hits and testing his head for him, too.

I was going to put Savvy's face on a clutch but I don't think people would've known what it was. So we'll go with juvenile humor.

Bruins scored five goals. This is the same team that struggled to get one goal about a month back. They did what the Devils couldn’t do and pepper Boucher with shots. B’s got 46 shots in total, including 15 in the OT session.

Speaking of which, those first three minutes in OT were complete and utter madness. Not sure how none of those shots went in. Boucher stood on his head (especially in OT), but still let in five goals. That’s the good news for the B’s. Boucher looked very human.

Rask didn’t have his A-game with him, but made the big saves when they needed, including Shit-Stache Carcillo in OT. Defense needs to tighten up in Game 2. Can’t let Brierre split the D like that.

Satan continuing to be the Chiarelli’s best move. Scored another goal for the Bruins.

Bruins lost Sturm in first few minutes of the first period. Normally I’d be pretty down about an injury, but Sturm hasn’t done anything to really help the Bruins so far. Didn’t look good either. I’ll be surprised if he’s all set for Monday, but who knows. If not, it lets for Thornton to come back into the lineup and do what he does best.

Game 1 Hero: Clearly, Marc Savard. Wasn’t Superman but didn’t have to be. He came through when the B’s needed.
Unsung Hero: Dennis Wideman. Not sure what lit a fire up his ass, but since the end of March he’s been tearing it up for the Bruins. He logged over 20 minutes of ice time and had three assists and was a +2 (the goal came on Briere’s game tying goal). This is not the same Wideman from earlier in the year but the Wideman the Bruins brass hoped he could be.

After the jump, more scenes from the game, including Uno’s inability to write a simple sentence clearly.

Wait. A Steve Sheilds jersey? Someone bought one of those?

Game Time!

“Thanks For Making Uno A Tasty Pizza Your Day.”

This makes no sense. I don’t even know where to begin. PS – Your chicken parm isn’t worth $8.

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