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Boston vs. Fithadelphia Game 1 Preview

May 1, 2010

So it’s 10:30am, I was up until 2am performing with my band and totally have a post-show hangover despite not touching a drop of booze. Yay perspiration but double-yay for Excedrin. And since the game is at 12:30 and I’m meeting friends for beer in a half-hour this is going to be a pretty lame game preview.

So I’ll make this fast:

What to look for:

  • The Return of Marc Savard. He practiced on the third line with Paille and Ryder this week, and was seen on the 2nd PP unit. Will he make an immediate impact on the offense like fans hope or will the two months of rust hold him back?
  • Physicality. Rumor has it that Mr. Shawn “Wayne” Thornton will be the healthy scratch. That’s a big hit for the Bruins in the toughness department, so guys like Lucic, Boychuk, Chara, Begin and Sobotka really need to step it up, especially if guys like Hartnell and Carcillo get chippy. And you know they will. The upside to all this is that Sarvard is back and when you have Savvy as your number three center, things are looking up.
  • Flyers offense. Flyers are down Carter and Gagne. How will this affect the offense? It didn’t do much against the Devils in the one game the Flyers took on New Jersey without those two, but the Devils had pretty much packed their bags at that point and were picking out tee times for the rest of the summer. How will they do against a tough Bruins defense and Tuukka Rask?
  • Rask vs. Boucher. Speaking of goalies…. both goalies had a stellar round one. Boucher shut down the Devils and Rask went toe-to-toe with soontobeVezinawinner Ryan Miller. Many are doubting Boucher can continue his pace. How will he fare against a Bruins offense that’s starting to find the net, and will Rask continue to be Cool Hand Tuuk?

That’s all for now. I’ll probably be tweeting between periods and commercial breaks if I can get any reception. Follow me at @jmaucoin.

Go Bruins.

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  1. J.L. Hutson permalink
    May 1, 2010 6:01 pm

    Man, I am so pumped after that game!
    The B’s centers got it done in this one. 4 goals, two of them coming with centers at the wing, unless I’m mistaken. Everything was all jumbled up out there, especially with the changes in coming fast and loose in OT. Nice line-shuffling by Julien when it counted, at least up front.
    Yeah, so Begin (out of friggin’ nowhere), Bergie (continuing to play with more heart than the entire damn Hallmark aisle in the week before Valentine’s Day), Krejci (definitely tries to be too slick sometimes with his passes, but that goal was a thing of beauty; he let it age like a god-damned fine wine before he buried it).
    And then, of course, there was the second-round magic-trick that we like to call Marc Savard: “See, Philly, nothing up our sleeves–oh, wait, except this OT game-winner” . . . ta-daaa . . . (pulled it like a nickel from behind Boucher’s ear . . . Boucher still doesn’t know how it got back there).
    (He basically came in, raped and rampaged like a rabid bear, just as I predicted last week, but then he didn’t even bother setting anybody up for the OT winner, just said “Screw it” and scored the thing himself.)
    Yeah, when we’re healthy, playing well, we are pretty damn deep at center . . . not looking so deep elsewhere, though. Satan, Recchi, Looch, Sobotka. Those have been the other forwards who have stood out(at least to me). Wheeler and Ryder have had their respective moments (Ryder with the back-check hustling to poke away what would have basically been an empty-netter), but overall those two are still underwhelming. They need to score if we are going to play to potential.
    But this is all obvious stuff. I’m just still riding the high after that win, stuck at school (in Georgia, no less), trying to crank out some papers so I can graduate next weekend.
    That last Flyers goal was a terrible defensive job by Wideman/Hunwick, but also a very impressive one man effort by Briere (I think it was Briere). What a douchebag, making us look silly like that and taking it past regulation.
    In general, Rask needs to be a little better, specifically with handling rebounds. There were a couple he should have corralled, and things got dicey.
    We did a good job solving Boucher’s riddle today (turns out the big answer tonight was: 91 . . . hmm, somebody should let the Devils know, just for their own future reference). But we may not get as many next time.
    All the more reason we need the D with their heads in the game, not taking dumb penalties (don’t know what the hell McQuaid was thinking on that inereference call, or whatever it was–but he’s been real solid when we’ve needed him to be, and that’s all you can really ask, so he gets a free pass, since we won).
    I hope Sturm is all right, but he hasn’t been doing jack (well, except maybe Edwards) lately anyways–I’d almost rather have Thornton than Sturm in the next game, and especially in Philly, and especially especially if we end up going there with a 2-0 lead to face a desperate Flyers squad looking to prove something to their fans on home ice.
    Hard-won game, and you can already tell it’s going to be a wicked physical series. Flyers are some tough SOBs, and we’re probably lucky they’re short some key players. But, hey, so are we (what’s the latest on Stuart?) . . .
    Anyways, things are going to get ugly (in a good way).
    Phillie looks like a much more worthy opponent overall than Buffalo. But it’s a relief to be off Miller’s doorstep after 6 games. Let’s keep it up!!!!
    Great, great stuff.
    And so, in conclusion: keep phucking them philadelphia Phlyers up, boys (ha, everything looks kind of phlamboyant, spelled with the “ph” like that . . . not sure why . . . “phlame on” . . .).
    (Oh, and while I’m skirting the issue of innuendo, is it just me, or does Pronger’s name ever sound to you like it could be some sort of dirty, unspeakable, disease-passing sexual act? Like, “Yeah, I gave her the old Filthy Pronger.” Or maybe, “When the old whore asked me to Pronger in the Carcillo [with my Richards] I was grossed out at first, but I did it. … I did it. Am I a bad person?” OK, that’s the lack of sleep talking. Enough. Over and out.)
    Go B’s!!!!

    • May 1, 2010 6:32 pm

      Most def. Rask let a lot of big rebounds, but he’s bound to have an off game sooner or later. It just seems like one of those games when the pucks are constantly flying at both nets and the goalies are left to fend for themselves. Let’s hope that’s it and he’s back to his prime form on Monday.

      It wasn’t a pretty win but still a win.

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