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Lindy Ruff Needs a Wah-bulance

April 23, 2010

We used to think Lindy Ruff was a respectable coach. He consistently brings good teams to the table every season in Buffalo and generally seems to know what he’s doing.

But grown men shouldn’t cry as much as Lindy Ruff. In fact, a 4 years old girl who just dropped her ice cream on the ground doesn’t cry as much as Ruff.  Earlier in the series, Ruff was complaining about the injuries to his team and talking about how the games would go differently if his team was healthy.

As a Bruins fan, I can respect that. I mean, imagine if Marc Savard, Mark Stuart and Dennis Seidenberg weren’t playing in this series. The Bruins probably wouldn’t be up 3-1 if they were missing those three.

Oh wait… they are. So scratch that argument Ruff. And while we’re at it, let’s play a little music for Ruff:

Whoever made this is awesome

Then Ruff began to complain that Johnny Boychuk took a two-handed swing at Vanek. Now, Boychuk could probably have been a bit more careful with his stick but there was nothing malicious behind what he did. It is hockey. Things happen. We were under the impression Ruff had coached a professional hockey game before.

You know why your team is losing Ruff? Much like the Bruins, they can’t score! But the Bruins defense is outplaying your team and Rask is slightly out playing Miller. Twice your team has given up 2-0 leads. But oh wait, he has another excuse for that.

The refs are to blame! Of course! Matt Kalman of the Bruins Blog details Ruff’s complaints, highlighted by him blaming the overtime loss on the striped men:

“We didn’t blow it,” he said. “I just explained what happened. We didn’t blow it. Nobody blew it. Do you think Pat Kaleta hitting Lucic was a penalty? And [Mark] Recchi hitting [Tim] Kennedy is a penalty .. is it not? Is that the same? Case closed.”

The refs were the turning point in the game! Of course!

Apparently Ruff also doesn’t know how to count. Go look at the replays Ruff. 1, 2,3,4,5,6 skaters on the ice in addition to Ryan Miller. And it wasn’t a close call where one of them was going for a change. All six were active at one time, however short that time frame was. So you know what led to Satan’s goal and a loss Mr. Ruff?

Even this kid knows. Buffalo should hire him.

Maybe you should do a better job keeping an eye on your boys Ruff. But when Ruff isn’t blaming the refs, or injuries or the awesome-ness of Johnny Boychuk, he finally realizes why his team is behind 3-1:

“Our key players have to make a difference and they haven’t yet. It’s disappointing.” Feels good to let the truth flow free, doesn’t it Lindy?

But the tears just keep flowing for Lindy. Now Vladmir Sobotka is the target of Ruff’s ire. Joe Haggerty of CSNNE brought us this little nugget today, courtesty of Ruff:

“You’ve got little Sobotka who’s ducking now, doesnt want to get hit by Ennis.” As Haggerty points out, you mean the same Sobotka who has 23 hits this playoffs? The same Sobotka who dropped the gloves with Andrej Sekera? Unlike Ruff, Sobotka seems to understand hockey:

“I’m actually surprised that they’re coming for me,” Sobotka said. “They’re trying to hit me all the time and I’m just trying to play my way. I like it when someone hits me because I hit back. That’s hockey.”

“If I see that I’ve got no chance to stand up the guy and he’s going to hit me and [possibly] hurt me, I’ll try to get out of the way, but it’s instinct when I see him coming and I duck. More times the guy is bigger than me, but if I know he’s going to hurt me, I’ll stay there.”

Thanks for clearing that one up for Lindy, Vlady. Oh and Mr. Ruff, Mr. Neely seems to recall a time when you “ducked”, or “turtled” rather, away from some contact:

So keep crying Lindy. Because while you are making excuses for your team, the Boston Bruins are beating your team. Here’s to hoping the Bruins destroy the Sabres tonight and give Ruff a good reason to cry.

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